“There they shall recount the righteous deeds of the Lord. — Judges 5:11

Tracey's Story

"This box of food is such a blessing to me! It was the best box ever! I can use everything in it and love the Trader Joe's items." Now Tracey is no longer needing the boxes from In His Name. She has gotten more stabilized in life. We were happy to help supplement her food needs while she was getting on her feet. Most of our clients come and go, and that is how it should work—a temporary gap is filled while they are unemployed, have health issues, recover from divorce or other things to deal with in life. We pray for each person receiving a box. We provide physical food, but more importantly, spiritual food and prayer when life is hard.

Barbara's Story

Tearfully, she said she doesn't have much longer. "Do you have any more Bibles? The women at my nursing home don't have any Bibles to read." We did not have the free Bibles out that day because we were giving one in each box for Easter this month due to a generous donation. It was great to see her up and about on a sunny day and doing the Lord's work in spite of her health. A young man and also a volunteer from MN Adult and Teen Challenge both prayed for her cancer to be healed. We committed to getting her the Bibles and even one in Spanish for her friend who needed that. Part of TEAM Rochester is to Evangelize and part is to Minister; In His Name brings the best of this out in the Lord's people.



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